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Founder and CEO of WordFamous Dipti Patel moderating a book session at Pune International Literature Festival 2018.

Dipti Patel at the launch of our author Aditya Shroff’s book “Best Life Ever” at Title Waves Bandra.

Our Founder Dipti Patel in conversation with ALL ABOUT PUBLISHING MAGAZINE IN NOV 2021 ISSUE discussing the role of literary agents in the rights and licensing.

Exclusive video interview of our Founder DIPTI PATEL with FRONTLIST MAGAZINE

Our founder Dipti Patel in conversation with All About Publishing Magazine.

Our Founder Dipti Patel at the Ahmedabad International Lit Fest 2021

Read founder and CEO of WordFamous Dipti Patel’s interview in Open Road Review about how to get published and how literary agents can help.

Read founder and CEO of WordFamous Dipti Patel’s interview in The Policy Times.

Click to see a video of our CEO and co-founder Dipti Patel’s speech at the inauguration of Mr. V.S. Rao’s book ‘Navgrah Purana.’ .

Our CEO Dipti Patel at the launch of “Traditional diets for pregnancy and motherhood” at ABP coke studio.

Our Author Ashraf at Sharjah International Book Fair 2020

You are in awe of some MS you recv. You believe in it and the dream comes true when the book you imagined is finally out. This is one of those special MS and great research carried out by the very experienced and respected author Anil Maheshwari and Richa Singh . Published by Bloomsbury India

New book announcement!!!

Gives us great pride and happiness that our very esteemed author Mr. V S Rao’s next book published by Jaico Publishing House is out now and available on pre-order.

Pleased to share our Founder Dipti Patel’s interaction with ‘SharingStories” a platform run by young minds creating a community of writers, bloggers and readers. Keep reading, keep writing and keep buying books!!

We need to read this. It’s a guide for your life This not a religious book. But you will experience the divine touch. Published by WESTLAND

The book contains golden rules which are divided into two sections, ‘Know’ & ‘How’. The ‘Know’ section will help you understand the concept & the ‘How’ section will equip you to apply the techniques to your presentation.

Lyrical expression of difficult times says Deccan Chronicle for our new book :Reinvention by Natasha Malpani Oswal. Published by Bloomsbury India.
uy : We are excited to see our very interesting book writtten by Roshni Rajaram published by Bloomsbury India Its a nerve-tingling thriller. Sure to keep the readers engaged.

Very proud of our respected author Abhas Mitra for making astro physics simpler and breaking the myths. Published by Pan Macmillan
A must read for not only students of physics but also for all professional astrophysicists and general relativists says Daily Pioneer.

Breaking News
Wow!!! another proud moment for us. Our author Roshni Rajaram’s just out book, published by Bloomsbury is taken up for screen adaptation.

Gives us great pleasure to announce that or Author Ashraf will be part of esteemed speakers at United Consciousness for their upcoming event at the international Yoga day scheduled 19th,20th,21st June 2021

Pl check out for registrations and details :

Tavleen Singh in conversation with our author Alpesh Patel on the topic ‘Chalta Hai in India’. Here is the unedited interview: …

Click to see WordFamous author Alpesh Patel in a panel discussion.

It gives us great pleasure to see our author feature in the 5 best books to read in summer by De Mode Magazine. These are the best moments we wait for after the book is out and a feeling of pride to represent such amazing authors. This is that moment.

Listen to this very interesting conversation between Rajivji and Alpesh Patel, our author. This is sure to shake you. Are we even aware of this Chalta Hai attitude and its consequences? Are we having Chalta hai in listening this too ?..Its time we take this seriously..listen why

Read a very interesting excerpt from our newly launched book : Ramayana Revisited: An Epic Through A Legal Prism by Anil Maheshwari and Vipul Maheshwari.

What if there was an IPC case on Ravana for kidnapping Sita? Ramayan revisited reviewed by MidDay. Yes, a first book on Ramayan with a legal perspective!

Our just launched book “Bitten by love” published by Shristi Publications touched more than 50 reviews with an average of 4.9 * on Amazon.

After three years, 40,000 copies and 800 reviews our author Pankaj Goyal’s ‘Before You Start Up’ has been launched in hindi. Buy your copy here.

Know more about ‘Bitten by Love’ in this interview of our author Vijaya S

Proud to announce new book on Ramayana through the legal prism of the IPC by Anil Maheshwari and Vivek Maheshwari. Each chapter has prosecution version, cites relevant provisions from the IPC, deposition of witnesses, and the defense argument. Order here.

The journey of manuscript ends. The journey of Abhi – Anu begins. Enjoy the rains along with this extremely sweet tale of romance. Bitten by Love : You will enjoy every bit. Very beautifully written by our author Vijaya Sandireddy. Pre-order now. Amazon:

बिज़नेस का सपना पूरा करने के लिए और उसमे सफलता पाने के लिए आपको सिर्फ एक बार यह किताब पढ़नी चाहिए. आपके दोस्त की तरह काम आयेगी. Buy from here.

What a superb review for our lovely author Abhinav. The reviews are pouring in as the thriller is loved by the readers. Find out why…

Another great review for our author Abhinav Agarwal’s ‘Predator and Prey’

With immense pride we announce our next well researched book on Janaka by our dear author Ashraf.