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submit your workYou can submit your work to us on our contact email with at least following details

About the Author covering,

  • Name, Age, Location, Professional and Personal background

1-2 page Synopsis about the work covering,

  • Genre, word count, summary of entire story (fiction) or topic (non-fiction)

Complete manuscript

  • Submit your script in A4 paper format with page numbers on each page

Services sought

  • Mention what specific services are you seeking from us

Please email all the above in a single mail. Any incomplete or part submissions will be considered invalid. On receipt of your work, you will receive acknowledgement email from us. We will need at least 4 weeks to decide on offering you the services and hence request to avoid reaching us during that period. In case we decide not to offer you our services, we will destroy all the files related to your submission. We may however retain your basic personal information for database purposes and possible future references.